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The Gospel of Thomas As My Workbook with Hannah Rappaport

May 31, 2022

Hannah Rappaport made a dramatic exit from her conventional life as housewife and mother and entered the world of Gnosticism at the age of forty. 


Always someone who experienced visions, she experienced this initiation as her entrance into what she knew was her life's work, living true to her soul's purpose from the inside out.


Now living in Taos, New Mexico, Hannah and Julie uncover the spiritual thread of her life and where it has taken her.


  • Born in Israel Jewish
  • Being raised in California with loving parents in the time of sex, drugs and rock and roll
  • Being a housewife and a mother
  • Releasing her identities and roles and becoming a mystic
  • Being guided every step of the way
  • What life looks like now


Hannah's Info:


The book----Gospel of Thomas:
Also a good website for anything pertaining to Gnosticism.
A good printed book of Rumi



Julie's Info:

Transformational Coaching and Mentoring for creatives of all kinds:

The Creative Cure for Anxious Times: Every Friday, open to everyone – Pay from the Heart

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